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Guggenheim Blog …

Décembre 2013

Paperwallet has found ways to bring in new talent as well. They invite their followers on social media to send in wallet designs through the Paperwallet Artist Network and encourage artists of all stripes to submit their work, then they share the profits with those whose designs are chosen (a couple have already made the cut). One of their best-selling pieces is by SLip, an artist based in Lyon, France, who won a competition with his photographic mash-up of a lion in an cosmonaut’s helmet. For SLip, putting his creation on a wallet fit perfectly with his artistic ethos. “I love the idea that other people can have a part of my work—a piece of me—and they travel through the world with it,” he says.

SLip’s wallet recently traveled to a new destination: walk by the Guggenheim Museum in New York this winter, and you’ll see an eye-catching display in the shop window—a grid of bold, graphic images, all of them created for Paperwallet, stretching from floor to ceiling. SLip’s lion is there, along with a selection of other vivid wallets, clutches, and card cases available now in the shop and online. Burko’s little canvases have added up to something big: an inclusive, creative, and eco-friendly way of sharing art—and a perfect expression of the holiday spirit.





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